GLGPS is known for its outstanding programming. Throughout the decades we have hosted remarkable speakers of all backgrounds from renowned experts in the field of group work to early career professionals with a niche offering of interest to our members. Much of our programming incorporates experiential components because we believe that learning-by-doing is the most effective way to internalize a new approach. In addition, we are offering more free or low-cost social/networking opportunities to help us reconnect in our post-COVID isolation. Tell us here what you would like to see more of.

We want our quality events to be accessible to people of all means. In service of this goal, we offer generous scholarships to offset the cost of event registration fees. Hope to see you at our next event!

Upcoming Events

We heard your feedback! We are planning another social/networking event for the fall. Check back here or keep an eye on your inbox for details.

Recent Events

Leader As Member: Practical Skill Set for Connecting Across Difference 


Presented by Darryl Pure, PhD, ABPP, CGP & Christine Carpenter, PsyD, CGP

Darryl Pure and Christine Carpenter presented a model of leadership based on the Interpersonal Dynamics class they teach at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. A growing body of research shows that the most effective leadership style combines unique expertise with the ability to bring ones authentic self to the role. Clinicians are often taught to keep their “selves” out of the therapy space. But this perpetuates a power imbalance that may inhibit the growth potential of the client, particularly for BIPOC and members of other marginalized groups. In this two-day workshop the presenters will demonstrated the power of modeling vulnerability and self-disclosure in service of creating deeper trust and true safety.

Free Happy Hour in Chicago!

June 23, 2023

Time Out Market – 916 W. Fulton Market

Thank you so much to everyone who came out for our Happy Hour! The weather was gorgeous, the view was beautiful and the excitement to be connecting in person around group work was palpable. Many attendees expressed a wish for regular opportunities to gather socially so keep checking back here for more events like this.

Past Events

Stop “Shoulding” on Yourself:  Identifying the Roots of

Shame-Fueled Behavior

June 2022

Presented by Carmen Burlingame, LCSW

This workshop centered on the case for and benefit of a psychoeducational group on the topic of shame. The presenter provided examples of the curriculum and content that was cultivated for this GLS. Case examples were provided from both an in-person and online iteration of the group to explore the benefits of both formats. Attendees had the opportunity for didactic and experiential learning within this workshop. The presenter provided examples for ways in which psychoeducational groups can benefit individuals as a stand-alone group and as a potential feeder for process groups. 2 CEUs available upon completion of the workshop requirements.

Introduction to Psychodrama:  The Magic of Growth and Change

February 2022

Presented by Shelley Korshak Firestone, MD, FAGPA, CP, PAT

Psychodrama is perhaps our most powerful and effective tool in our therapeutic arsenal. This largely experiential workshop presents the history, theory, and technique of psychodrama. It will teach techniques invaluable for individual, family, couple, and group psychotherapy and for anyone interested in self-improvement. The participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to experience the magic of growth and change, while gaining training and expertise in basic psychodrama techniques.

I registered for my first GLGPS (then IGPS) conference in 2014. At that time, I was primarily interested in networking with other professionals. While I did make some important connections with others at that conference, I gained a lot more than that.

I found the experiential learning inspiring. I had run groups in the past in non-profit agencies, but at that time I was only in a contemplation stage about starting a group in private practice. After the conference I became determined to do so. Because it was experiential, I was reminded what it might be like to be a member of a group and the power of connection with others. It took a few more conferences before I took action and started the group I’m still offering today, but thanks to the GLGPS community I had the support, training and resources I needed for that step.

In 2016 I joined the society’s Programming & Training committee. I’ve enjoyed being a part of a team working hard on offering training experiences that, hopefully, are as beneficial to others as they have been to me. I was honored to be nominated and elected to the chair of P&T in 2020 when then-chair, Bruce Aaron, transitioned to Board President. It’s been a very challenging year plus, but I’m writing this on a very hope-filled day in June and looking forward to being in rooms and circles with new and familiar faces.

Kevin Newhall, LCSW

Board Member At Large