Practice Guidelines

In 2004, then-president, Dr. Robert Klein, assembled a task force to develop comprehensive guidelines for the practice of group psychotherapy. The effort was in recognition of AGPA’s responsibility to support its membership and all practitioners of group psychotherapy to meet the appropriate demands for evidence-based practice and greater accountability in the practice of contemporary psychotherapy.

Clinical practice guidelines are distinct from treatment standards or treatment guidelines. They are broader and aspirational rather than narrow, prescriptive and mandatory and address the broad practice of group psychotherapy rather than specific conditions. Clinical practice guidelines also respect the strong empirical research supporting the role of common factors in the practice of psychotherapy (Norcross, 2001; Wampold, 2001). The aim of clinical practice guidelines is to promote the development of the field by serving as a resource to support practitioners as well as a resource for the public so that consumers may be fully informed about the practice of group psychotherapy. Click here to view a PDF of the complete guide.